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“I employed a running coach, which is probably the smartest thing I ever did.  He just went through my technique with me and I knocked a minute and a half off my 2k time trial when I came back up to Sydney.” Phoebe McWilliams

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Run Technique Coaching

Run further and faster with fewer injuries by cleaning up your run technique and becoming a more efficient athlete.

Video Analysis Coaching

Film your run and our coaches will analyse your video to give you key feedback and drills to improve.

Accomplishing your running goals just got a lot easier!

You already know that traditional running training isn’t a straight forward path to athletic glory.  It sounds simple and we all start out with a plan but life gets busy and often injury gets in the way, and before you know it your athletic endeavors unravel in front of you. If you’re serious about achieving that athletic goal you need a different approach. Life-long runner and endurance athlete Nathan Fenton has created Enfer Running to give you a proven four-step plan to understand your current running technique, guide you into the ultimate body position, and get you moving well so that injuries are reduced and speed and endurance are improved.

Discover six ways to run faster without any change in fitness.

I’ve been running for over 5 years and within these 4 months of training with Nathan I broke my 5Km, 10Km and half marathon PB’s.

Bart Hostyn

Film your run

Book a session to have your current running technique assessed using slow-motion video playback.

Receive your plan

You will receive a customised plan to teach you the skills required for efficient running mechanics.

Become an Efficiency Ninja!

Your coach will guide you through your plan over the course of 4 – 6 sessions and get you running faster and without injury.

I like that each session has a focus, ie lean, pull etc.

Samara Rao

What is Running Technique?

“I’ve got legs, I can run...”  Nobody has actually said that to me but I bet that’s what many are thinking!  For some reason we never think about HOW to run.  We learn to swim.  We learn to swing a bat or a racquet in the most optimal, efficient...

4 Reasons You’re Not Breaking PBs.

If you’ve been running for a few years you will have inevitably experienced either a performance plateau or a dip in enthusiasm.  I’ve written before on different ways to ‘spice up your run life’ and change things up to rekindle that love.  But what if this...

Older I get, Better I am as an Athlete.

I recently saw some research suggesting that a group of older athletes recovered from strenuous activity at the same pace as a group of 21 years olds.  I like that.I call bullshit, but I like it! I like this study because age is too often used as an excuse for...

A Heel Strike is Nasty

Injuries are so common in endurance sport and the heel strike is the devil. Most people would have you believe that injury is normal. It’s not. Luckily, more and more people are seeing the benefits of a mid-foot or forefoot strike over a heel strike. When landing in...

How to Structure a Warm Up

The purpose of a warm up is to prime your muscles, your nervous system and your brain for the rigors of what you are about to undertake.  Depending on the duration and intensity, you could be putting your body under tremendous stress so you want to ease into that and...

Running Fast is a Skill which can be Learned

  Just like using a spoon, speaking a language or kicking a ball, running is a skill.  It’s not something that is inherently within us from birth; we need to build the strength to sit up, then to stand, then to walk before we can run.  Unfortunately for most of...