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“I employed a running coach, which is probably the smartest thing I ever did.  He just went through my technique with me and I knocked a minute and a half off my 2k time trial when I came back up to Sydney.” Phoebe McWilliams

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Run Technique Coaching

Run further and faster with fewer injuries by cleaning up your run technique and becoming a more efficient athlete.

Video Analysis Coaching

Film your run and our coaches will analyse your video to give you key feedback and drills to improve.

Accomplishing your running goals just got a lot easier!

You already know that traditional running training isn’t a straight forward path to athletic glory.  It sounds simple and we all start out with a plan but life gets busy and often injury gets in the way, and before you know it your athletic endeavors unravel in front of you. If you’re serious about achieving that athletic goal you need a different approach. Life-long runner and endurance athlete Nathan Fenton has created Enfer Running to give you a proven four-step plan to understand your current running technique, guide you into the ultimate body position, and get you moving well so that injuries are reduced and speed and endurance are improved.

Discover six ways to run faster without any change in fitness.

I’ve been running for over 5 years and within these 4 months of training with Nathan I broke my 5Km, 10Km and half marathon PB’s.

Bart Hostyn

Film your run

Book a session to have your current running technique assessed using slow-motion video playback.

Receive your plan

You will receive a customised plan to teach you the skills required for efficient running mechanics.

Become an Efficiency Ninja!

Your coach will guide you through your plan over the course of 4 – 6 sessions and get you running faster and without injury.

I like that each session has a focus, ie lean, pull etc.

Samara Rao

The Only Movement you Need

In the pulling phase of the run we are simply turning the legs over.  As the lean creates forward momentum, the legs do not need to push; instead they simply keep the body balanced as gravity pushes us forward. Imagine the Roadrunner cartoon and draw a circle around...

The Art of Falling

Why would you want to do the work when gravity can do it for you?  Get the leaning aspect of your run right and you’ll never have to push yourself along again! Set Up Before you start running engage your core.  The core is a collection of muscles and tendons that run...

Society squeezed you. You need to build yourself back up.

By transitioning into the Pose Method of Running we put a lot of strain on the body as it is now the stabiliser, rather than than your shoes (or possibly nothing stabilising you). You're not asking your body to do anything that nature didn't prepare you for but...

The Pose Method of Running

What is The Pose Method of Running? Pose Running is a standardised running technique which takes advantage of gravity and large muscle groups for forward movement, and reduces the risk of injury by utilising muscle elasticity.  It is extremely efficient and as a...

Technique and Strengthening… Not Rocket Science

Saturday’s AFL Grand Final win and Norm Smith Medal might be the reward for 4 years of athletic reinvention for Hawthorn’s Cyril Rioli. As The Age put it yesterday: “Hawthorn head fitness coach Andrew Russell allowed himself a beaming smile at just how much had...

Take a Breath

Take a big deep breath in.  Do you think you got as much air in as you possibly could?  Now exhale.  No, really push out.  Now push out some more.  And more. So many of us live in such a fast paced world that even our breathing speeds up.  It’s not that we breathe...