By transitioning into the Pose Method of Running we put a lot of strain on the body as it is now the stabiliser, rather than than your shoes (or possibly nothing stabilising you). You’re not asking your body to do anything that nature didn’t prepare you for but society has squeezed that ability out of us.

Things like core strength has been reduced because we sit down all day and as a result our Lean is compromised. So we do hollow rocks to build that back up again.

Your foot strength is compromised because we’ve been put in motion control shoes that stop our muscles from working and our feet are now weak so we do calf raises and skipping to strengthen them.

If you wear low drop shoes you may remember the transition from a big heel. This is no different. You are asking your body to do what it hasn’t done for a long time. And just like running, the transition required care for your Achilles.

If you’re feeling tight in the foot, achilles, ankle or calf, give this one a shot and do it regularly. Looks brutal, but it’s not bad.

Try this video and if you want to feel even more free in your running, contact me.