Video Analysis Coaching

Are you unsure which parts of your running need to be improved?

Don’t know what to do to fix them?

Now you can send us a video of your running and we will analyse your technique to give you feedback on what to fix and how.

What is video analysis coaching and how will it help my running?

With the use of video analysis software, video coaching has become a powerful tool in improving technique for all sports.  Being able to see yourself move as an ‘outsider’ is incredibly beneficial.  It’s often difficult to visualise your movements when you’re in the midst of it but video will help you see it objectively.

What to expect from the coaching:

Each athlete will get a detailed analysis of their strengths but also their areas for improvement.  Enfer coaches will annotate video screenshots to visually show the athlete more efficient positions.  This feedback will also come with a written report and specific drills the athlete can do to improve their individual technique.

How much is the video analysis coaching?

Each report is $49 and your personalised feedback is yours for life.

What happens next?

1. Film yourself running at whatever pace is comfortable for you.  Ideally 3 – 4 angles, of 10 – 30 seconds each.  Please ensure the whole body is within the frame.  Note: The quality of footage doesn’t need to be great, as long as we can see what you’re doing.
2. Put the clips together and upload them to either youtube, vimeo, instagram or facebook.
3. Fill out the payment form below and you will be directed to a form to input your details and a link to your footage.
4. Receive your video analysis feedback and drills within 5 working days so you can take your running to the next level!